Want to get a discount on your next tow or service call? Just let the dispatcher and tow truck operator know that you saw our website for a HUGE 15% CASH DISCOUNT off our regular prices when you call us for towing or roadside assistance! Discount does NOT apply to calls on the freeway or law enforcement towing and storage, etc.

Quality Towing 24hrs. (650) 341-6555


A new type of Towing Company!  One that cares that your vehicle is moved in the correct manner.  We have invested a quarter million dollars in new equipment to insure this is what you get. A quality tow.  The cost of a vehicle has increased over 200% in the last 20 years so you don't want to put your investment into the hands of a amateur.  With a combined 60 years of tow experience our drivers have what it takes to make it happen for you.  Don't settle for anything but the best, we may not be the cheapest but will guarantee that from point A to point B the integrity of your vehicle will not change just because it was moved. Remember, you get what you pay for!